Sinhala Bible 

Bible is the most scared book among worldwide Christians. Even though, it was written by different types of sixty authors (scholars) throughout 1600 years, it’s impossible to limit the importance of the Holy Bible to any specific time period. Because of the eternal importance of this scared book, today, the Bible has translated into 261 languages as well as some parts/quotes of the Bible have translated into 1316 languages.
The Bible is the collection of book series, including historical truths, rules and regulations, laws of doing offerings and sacrificing, proverbs, disciplines, theories, short stories, romantic stories, parables, prophesies and various literatures. Though this consists with a collection of various literatures and titles, it has only one central theme. “The way of receiving salvation from the death, the failures or disappointments” is the central theme of the bible.

Throughout the Bible, it displays that, by making a relationship with living God, disappointed man can receive the salvation and get rid from all problems. The wonderful “Godly relationship” that man can experience, is known as “covenant” in the Bible. The main lesson and the truth that Bible teaches is that by entering into a relationship with eternal and living God or by entering into His covenant, the disappointed man can have the salvation from all matters and man will be able to have a hope of eternal life. Or making relationship/covenant with living God is the only way to have the salvation for human beings. By revealing the ways of salvation, the main purpose of Bible is guiding the man, to enter a covenant with God and to teach “how to continue it successfully”.

The Holy Bible has two parts; the “old testament” which belongs to BC time period and the “new testament” which starts with Jesus Christ’s birth. Even though it divides into two testaments, both testaments have continuous relationship. The Old Testament includes the ways of God revealed; by historical incidents, by prophesies and the New Testament explains how God reflect through Jesus Christ and further New Testament shows that, as a result of Jesus Christ, what kind of supernatural relationship with God and man occurred. The Holy Bible which has been accepted by worldwide Christians, has 66 books all through Old and New testaments. In addition to these 66 books, Roman Catholic has “Apocrypha (Deutro – Canonica), the books of Jew’s important religious and political facts which belonged to 400 years, between last decades of Old testament and the beginning of New testament’s time period. These books were written by Greek language and in 02nd century AD, it had added into the Old Testament and it was known as “Septuagint” Greek Bible. While the church was using this Bible, it is said that in 05th century AD, the whole Bible was translated into Latin language by Rev. Martin Luther. Now, this Holy Bible has translated into Sinhala Language with the two divisions; Old Testament and New Testament. It’s a great achievement in Sri Lanka’s Christian history that new translation, Sinhala Bible has published to public as a general new version, with the approvals of Roman Catholic Ministry, Sri Lanka Bible Society and the related Christian parties, societies and committees.

The Main purpose of translating the Bible was to maintain the same meanings of Hebrew’s words which were written in the Old Testament. For that, many Bible references, sources of origin and English translations were used. With the great supports and advices of many Christian & Buddhist scholars as well as by using new Sinhala vocabulary in simple way, it was able to make the Sinhala Bible. Today, Sri Lankans are able to find the divine answer by Sinhala Bible, to the deepest needs of humanity, that it sheds unique light on their path in a dark world, and that it sets forth the way to their eternal well-beings. This Sinhala Bible will lead many Sri Lankans into a better understanding of Holy Scriptures and a fuller knowledge of Jesus Christ as well as Sinhala Bible will help to realize all Christians’ goals and strength that Jesus has given to all in order to complete those goals.

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